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Where did that hat end up?

Well, it has certainly been busy in the packing room over Christmas, with hats being sent to all corners of the world!

Some recent destinations of our Hats

It is always interesting when we print out the orders and look at the addresses and see where our hats are destined for. Very often there is a shout out from the packing table - “Oh, I’ve been there !” - and then there are the places that sound interesting that we then put on our travel bucket lists. We hope that 2021 allow us to tick a few more destinations off the list and visit the places we have missed this year.

Both Earland Brothers and their families have some firm favourite British holiday spots, some of which we were been lucky enough to visit last year despite the pandemic.

North Norfolk

Just two hours from HQ we can enjoy the lovely endless beach at Holkham, the big blue Norfolk skies, watch the wildlife on the marshes at Stiffkey and enjoy a pint of the local beer Woodfords Wherry on one of our many inland bike rides.


This is a new found favourite that came to our attention when one of the children started studying at the University of Exeter, Falmouth Campus. Dropping her off and visiting mid term allowed us time to explore the beautiful Lizard Peninsular and the area around Land’s End. So good we will be going back in 2021!

West Coast of Scotland

We have visited the west coast of Scotland and the islands off it many times, hired cottages, cycle touring with lightweight camping kit. The last time we visited we hired a campervan to tour the Isle of Mull, absolutely stunning!

There are so many places in the UK that are worth visiting. Pre Covid, as a nation we had the tendency to jet off abroad and miss all the superb scenery that makes this country so unique. Maybe 2020 has forced many of us to stay in the UK this year and it will be interesting to see if more of us will holiday within the UK going forward.

We thought it would be great to see where many of our hats have ended up calling home – why not post a picture of where your Earland Brother's hat has ended up and tag us or use the hashtag #EarlandHats. We can't wait to find out!

Once again thank you to all of our customers for your continued support, it really does mean the world to us. We wish you and your families a fantastic 2021.

Best wishes,

Andrew and Richard

The Earland Brothers


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