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Design to Delivery: Tweed Caps

At Earland Brothers, we have had a very long history of selling bespoke tweed caps. The brothers use their experience and knowledge to create a unique range at excellent prices.

In January armed with a large selection of tweed samples, they spend the month selecting the best cloths. Once they have decided on the tweeds this is put to the next buying committee – the rest of the family! It’s great having so many younger members to give their opinion, and give it they do! Comments such as “Ooh, I love that!!” to “What are you two thinking?!" are always standard. We don’t always pick winners however. Occasionally there is the odd stubborn cap that takes a couple of seasons to sell, which sparks a repeated debate - “It was you who wanted that cap!”, “No, no it wasn’t me, it was definitely you who said it would fly out”.

After the selection has been made it’s off to production. Come mid-July a large delivery truck arrives with all the winter stock, it can be a little unusual unpacking tweed caps whilst wearing tee-shirts and shorts. The job of sorting and storing takes a couple of days, uploading images and descriptions to our online shops a week or more, and then it’s the nail-biting wait. We hope that all the effort that goes into the buying pays off and is well received by our customers new and old. Naturally we are ever grateful for customers who return year after year to purchase our latest range.

Now let us share some of this years favourites, winning caps that are only available at Earland Brothers.

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Best wishes,

Andrew and Richard

The Earland Brothers


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