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Hot Hats this Summer

We can't quite believe that we are still enjoying the endlessly long hot and sunny days of summer! What has happened to the rain that usually dampens the best of British traditions... barbecues, beaches and Wimbledon?

It has been many a year since we have enjoyed near perfect trading weather at our regular markets, county shows and online. For anyone under the age of 40 it would be difficult to describe 1976, when we experienced 15 consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 30 centigrade. In 1976 both the Earland Brothers were youngsters enjoying the summer playing outside on homemade go-karts, fishing in the River Wreake and a family camping holiday to Wales. It's not all work now ... from mid July the season in the midlands quietens down with our customers heading off to various holiday destinations allowing us to take a break before the arrival of our winter stock. Maybe not camping in Wales but east to Norfolk and north to Scotland - let's hope the weather holds and everyone gets a chance to wear their summer hats.

Hollowell Steam Fair

Summer 2018 Hot Hats

At Earland Brothers we pride ourselves in having a hat for every head, but here's a pick of some of our best sellers this summer.

The Classic Panama

Panamas are a timeless British mens summer hat that add class to any outfit, from a linen suit to polo shirt and shorts. Our Genuine Panama from Olney Hats is a beautiful hat of the finest quality, woven in Ecuador, the home of panamas. We also have a practical lightweight panama, which is fantastic quality and value.

Olney Genuine Panama

Linen 8-Piece Caps

Tweed 8-piece newsboy caps were a must have over the winter following the Peaky Blinders style. Why not try one of our 100% Irish line 8-piece caps this summer, a stylish and comfortable cap made by established English hat makers Failsworth est. 1903.

Biscuit 8 Piece Linen Cap

Ladies Visors

These visors have been flying of the Earland Brothers shelves, we have a great range of colours to suit everyone. Ideal for a game of tennis, golf or maybe just an afternoon in the sun.

Best wishes,

Andrew and Richard

The Earland Brothers

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